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  Dr. Macri is well known for the most unique lines of frame designs in the area.  If you wear glasses, Dr. Macri enjoys making her patients standout to get many compliments!  50%+ of the frames are only available as part of the Dr. Macri Experience.

  Naturally, many designs are available for those wanting to look good and not standout as much.  Each patient deserves the best in care and quality.  

  Pricing is at a low cost for standard frames, medium cost for selected and then for that slightly impressive look with multiple compliments.  Designed for patients like Dr. Macri that love to standout in amazing glasses. If this is you, Dr. Macri is definitely your place.    Some patients come from the larger city's just to find that one-of-a-kind look. 

Frames For Everyone

  Personalized, professional frame fitting and measurements.  Low pricing on good quality frames.  

1 year warranty for defects on Insurance and non-insurance patients.

* some restrictions apply

Name Brand Designs

  If you love the great quality of name brand frames?  You will find the ones that Dr. Macri loves and trusts.

Unique Exclusive Frames 

  Standout with that incredible look, style, quality and be original with frame designs nowhere else available in the area.

Award Winning Quality Lens To Fit Your Lifestyle

  Of course, if you are on a budget, the Dr. and team is here to help you into the most affordable and quality available.

  The goal is to put you in the best quality for your lifestyle.

Specializing in the newest technology lens available.  If you have had previous trouble with progressive lenses?  Todays technology can help 98% of patients.  Headaches, light sensitive, computer work or anything else.  Dr Macri is here to give you the best solution.


  Do not waste your time with     1-800-????????.  Dr. Macri cares for her patients to have the best of everything.  Comparable pricing, replacement of one that gets torn or lost right before your yearly appointment.  Any mistakes in an order are taken care of immediately at no cost to patients.     

  Most contacts are eligible for at home delivery, reminders when getting low and order from your phone or online 24/7.

  As not only a patient, you are also an important part of the community.  You are able to support a local business at the same price of a huge commercial megacorp.


Many Design Frames Are Exclusive In The Area! 



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